The loving care of every person we met during our hospice experience helped ease not only mom’s pain and suffering, but helped every one of us face another day.

Walking into Rose Arbor Hospice in early Sept. 2017 was like entering a house of angels as the staff gently, yet professionally, took over care for my mom. We were able to feel the comfort and relief, too. An amazing blessed experience. Thank you.

Dr. Raphelson did an amazing job managing my father’s pain. We can’t say enough good things about Dr. Raphelson. Ann was my father’s hospice nurse. She also did an amazing job caring for my father and getting him what he needed.

During my career, I was responsible for Quality of Care in health care organizations. The care my father/family received was of the highest quality and standards.

Thank you hospice team! You made such an important difference in our lives through your dedicated and competent care of my husband. I will always be grateful.

We as a family could not have asked for the way my father and family were treated. The most professional people we could have asked for. Our father passed very peacefully because of hospice.

The staff was compassionate and professional. They did a great job. Mom went into Rose Arbor the day she died. I miss all of the nice people, especially Liz.

My mom received the best care of her life at Rose Arbor. Everyone was great!

Rose Arbor was a very positive atmosphere during a very difficult time.

Rose Arbor in Kalamazoo far exceeded our expectations of hospice care. I would recommend them to anyone who needs professional and compassionate hospice care.

Our hospice experience was most positive, providing dignity and the best quality care. We were all ‘taken care of’ and the staff was fabulous!

They kept (client) very comfortable and at ease! I am very thankful for their help.

The care we received at Rose Arbor was ‘top notch’. I have told several people about the good experience our family had at this residence. Thank you!

I have had family members go to Rose Arbor before when the time had come and it is always great care both mentally and physically for them to pass with dignity. Thank you.

This hospice center is very concerned about their clients and they do a wonderful job!

SW Michigan Hospice Care was the most caring and loving people anyone could ask for. Never would we expect so much love and kindness in our lives. They made my husband’s last days here beautiful. Thank you so very much.

My mom was served and cared for with the best nurses and staff possible. We were very happy with the accommodation that was made for our family and friends at Rose Arbor. Thank you.

Having my husband come to your hospice care was the best decision I have ever made. It takes very special people to do hospice care, and I feel that you have that.

Fantastic place, fantastic people. So fortunate to have this resource in our community!

No words could ever begin to thank your organization and the people who work there for their dedication to our mom during her final days here on Earth.

One of your wonderful people came into the hospital and explained hospice to myself and family. Not knowing that within 24 hours I would need her help. She was there and smoothly transferred my husband over to a bed at Rose Arbor that very day. So kind and knowledgeable.

Excellent care and concern was provided before, during and after my mother’s death. Much appreciated!

I can’t say enough positive things about our experience. Throughout the entire experience everyone was professional, attentive and very compassionate to my mom and our family. Everyone wanted to know her as a person, not just a dying client.

Rose Arbor Hospice was everything we could’ve asked for in caring for my mom. We were so thankful!

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