The Virtual Point1K Duck Race is over, but there is still time to run your own Point1K! Download the toolkit from the button below and send us pics!

This year we had 3 duck champions that represented 3 different areas of Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan.

  • Arbor: Represents our 2 hospice residences, Glenn Arbor and Rose Arbor.
  • Journee: Represents our grief support services, and our program for grieving children, Journeys!
  • Care-ington: Represents our hospice programs and services dedicated to the highest quality end-of-life care.

The Virtual Point1K Duck Race ran from Monday, September 21st through Saturday, October 3rd. Care-ington finished the race first, in a last-minute photo finish!

Check out the final race standings:

Our agency walks the final steps of life with our clients and families. By participating in our fundraiser you are helping us provide care and support to anyone in the community who needs us, regardless of their ability to pay for these services.

Now let’s meet our racers!

First up, Care-ington! Representing the incredible care our hospice program provides. From the nurses and aides to the volunteers and therapists.

In the middle we have Arbor! Competing on behalf of our 2 hospice residences — Glenn Arbor in Battle Creek & Rose Arbor in Kalamazoo.

Last, but never least, Journee! She’s working to raise money for all of HCSWMI’s grief support programs, including Journeys (a group for grieving kids.)