Volunteering with pet therapy. Dogs Volunteer too.

Benefits of Pet Therapy

Dogs Volunteer Too Research tells us that animals offer great therapeutic value. (Read “The Benefits of Pets….”) We’ve seen the benefit of Pet Therapy firsthand with our patients. Dogs with loving hearts and owners with a passion for helping others make up the Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan (HCSWM) certified Therapy Dog teams. This provides…

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Volunteering; Exploring Ways to Give Back

Exploring Ways to Give Back by Volunteering

This information continues exploring ways to give back in our series, “How you can give back” There are as many reasons for becoming a volunteer with Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan (HCSWM) as there are volunteers. Every person may have a different reason for wanting to give of their time and compassion. Volunteers from different…

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Volunteering; How you can give back

Volunteering: How You Can Give Back

It’s true that if you’ve experienced the compassionate care of Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan (HCSWM) at the end of your loved one’s life, you may find that you want to give back. Volunteering with us can provide that fulfillment. Hospice volunteers from diverse backgrounds come to volunteering with at least one shared passion: a willingness…

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How do I pay for Hospice Care?

Most insurance policies have benefit coverage for hospice services. Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan works with most insurance carriers. This information is meant to give you an overview of how hospice is paid. For specifics of your policy, reach out to your insurance company directly. If after you contact your insurance company, you still have…

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From Within; Nurse to Educator Blog Title

From Within; Nurse to Educator

Megan was influenced by her family’s experiences with medical practices. So much so that she followed a medical career and became a nurse. This is the story of her path from nurse to educator at Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan. Trusting the Medical Professionals My dad was often sick and had to have multiple surgeries…

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