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Former CEO, Jean Maile, Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan talks about hospice
and end-of-life choices.



“The loving care of every person we met during our hospice experience helped ease not only mom’s pain and suffering, but helped every one of us face another day.”
Joe W., Cass County

It's bigger than just yourself

Listen to Dawn's Radio Testimonial

A family who has lost a young son talks about their experience with Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan.

Volunteers from diverse backgrounds have committed their time and energy to helping our clients live well.

Journeys is a free grief support program that helps children, teens, and their families cope with the death of a loved one.

Elaine is a testament to finding courage and joy in every day while facing a life threatening illness.

Sing Along with Guests

Sing-a-long with the guests at Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre as they perform their version of “What a Wonderful World” with the help of music therapist, Josh Keller. If you would like to know more about this wonderful program for older adults who need guidance during the day, visit,