Volunteers in the Journeys program work directly with grieving children.  Two Tuesday evenings each month families come together at the Oakland Centre.  Children and youth participate in small groups based on their age.  Some volunteers are trained to facilitate these peer support groups.  Professional grief support counselors organize the activities for each session and support each group while in session.

Volunteers may also choose to serve as greeters, or provide child care to the infants, assist in meal service or back-office help.

Help a grieving child.

Jerry’s Story

Jerry brings his two sons, Jerry Jr. and Graves to Journeys. He has lost his wife, the boys‘ mother. Jerry has told others in his situation that Journeys is a good place to be. “It helps my kids to be understood. When you know that your child is getting help, it helps you get a perspective on your own grief.”

Jerry has become a Journeys champion. He was not sure that it would do anything for his own grief, but he has changed his mind, and says, “The more people who hear about it the better.” Jerry is working on that philosophy through social media venues. It may not be easy to talk to children about grief and dying. Journeys can help by providing a safe place, useful information, and the guidance of grief counselors to help kids and their families begin to heal.

Jerry brings his two sons, Jerry Jr. and Graves, to Journeys.

Duck Derby Raffle: every duck supports a grieving child.

Tickets are now on sale for the Duck Derby Raffle, our largest fundraiser supporting Journeys.  $5 raffle tickets can be purchased online at https://www.hospiceswmi.org/events/duck-derby/

Every sold ticket gets a corresponding numbered rubber duck entered into the drawing.  Ducks will be drawn on September 28th at the Point 1K Spoof Run.  25 winners will be drawn, but ticket holders need not be present to win.  Prizes packages include: 4 tickets to Disney World, Eve SalonSpa Princess Package, Date Night at Firekeepers Casino, Dewalt Hammer Drill Kit, and much more!


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Our Mission is to guide and support individuals and their caregivers coping with illness, aging, dying, and loss by providing compassionate medical, emotional, spiritual, and personal care.