Why Choose Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan?

Comfort & Dignity

Hospice offers choices about your care and assists you in making decisions about your plan of care goals. We make every effort to keep you comfortable in surroundings that can best meet your needs.

Medical Care Management

Let our expert staff work with your doctor to manage your pain, symptoms, therapies and other treatments. Our dedicated team is experienced in planning for your comfort and teaching caregivers with confidence.

Quality of Life

Focus on friends, family, making memories and enjoying life. Hospice helps alleviate pain  for patients and eases responsibilities and stress for caregivers so loved ones can spend precious quality time together.

Caregiver Support

Emotional pain and distress take a toll on patients and families. Hospice provides emotional, practical and spiritual support to families. We also offer respite services to caregivers and bereavement services to loved ones.

Contact us at 269.345.0273

Thank you for your generous contributions

This list represents those who have generously donated to Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan and Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre. Without you our work could not be done.

Auto Owners Insurance - HR
Bryan and Leslie Cronenwett
Pamela Stermer
Carol Adams
Judy Anderson
Maury and Kathy Benton
Michael and Linda Dunphey
Allen Hughey
Gerald and Barbara Kelly
Debra Schultz
Gloria Shumaker
Bruce and Judy Weick
Leslie Brucks
Sarah Cox
Charles and Sherry DeLoach
Deb Edwards
Francele Hagerty
Tom and Barb Kohl
Jeff and Jane Puvogel
Sandra Rose
Ed and Evelyn Stambek
Darlene Mosher
Janet Hamay
Geraldine Greve
Thomson Reuters
Florence Kaukola
Darlene Lowe
Tom and Mary Mackey
Robert and Mary Anderson
Beverly Montgomery
Lynn and Janet Carnacchi
Denise Hoinka
Karen Pushie
Bob and Jude Shrimplin
Douglas and Vickie Austin
Linda Gilbert
Carol King
Cindy and Sharon Kingsley-Krake
Sharon Neale
David and Shirley Sedlarik
Jim and Becky Wise
BlueOx Credit Union
Grand Trunk Employees Federal Credit Union
Kellogg Community Federal Credit Union
Marshall Community Credit Union
Omni Community Credit Union
Jim and Anne Anguilm
Fran Godfrey
Lawton Evangelical Church
Dan and Susan Curtiss
Robert and Diane Dekker
Cheryl Shaw
Mary Jane Clark
Carol Cole
Susan Wilhelmsen
Susan Hodapp
Brian Hoff
Mike and Shirley Michelozzi
Linda Swinehart
Robert and Judi Beam
Alan and Nancy Ball
Tim Griffin
Randall Johnson
Mary Tyler
Paul and Marlene Busch
Steve and Beth Malecki
Ron and Donna Tharge
Chas Bradley
Janette Velting-Scroggs
Sandra Money
Pat and Lenice Nagle
Cirius Therapeutics
Folio Salon & Boutique
Metabolic Solutions Development Co LLC
Tony and Michelle Antunes
Teresa Badel
Mark and Gail Brown
Gerald Callahan
Tom and Annette Conley
Jennafer Cooperrider
Duane Day
Mark and Kathleen DeWitt
George Franklin
Jeff and Janna Gatton
Gary and Judith Gatton
Bruce and Rae Ann Graves
Margaret Grieve
Jan Griffin
Michael and JoAnn Hageman
Craig and Jerlyn Hartman
Caroline Hickey
Gerard and Nancy Hickey
Laura Hoffman
Jim and Kay Ishmael
Anna Kleber-Yilmaz
Rolf Kletzien
Dean and Jane Knuth
Don and Chris Lemons
Paul and Joy Loh
Theresa Lower
Claire Mackevicius
Daniel and Deborah Meyer
Ken and Anne Moonie
Douglas and Gayle Morton
Mark and Judy Olesnavage
John and Pat O'Toole
Bill and Barbara Parfet
Nancy Ray
Caroline Rivero
Angie Shashlo
Steven and Susan Sobeck
Pat and Julianne Meyer-Sorek
Ed and Margie Stinson
George Vogt
Alexa Wage
James and Mary Wood
Richard Wullschleger
Kathy Yates
Dan and Chris Willson
Care N Assist
Gregory Elfring
Mike and Shelly Foy
Jim Henry
Janice Lauckner
Kelly Netzley
Donna Pottle
Haworth, Inc.
Anne Marie Bartz
Steven and Jeanne Killick
Rosemary Beery
Chris and Melissa Goodwin
Tom and Sharon Heath
Bob and Ann Perkins
John Waugh
James Barney
David and Susan DeRossett
William and Linnie Ehredt
Tom Finegan
Clair and Janis French
Richard and Jeanette Gagnon
John and Michelle Herzing
Karen Keese
Edward and Susan Magnant
Jack and Norma Mawdsley
Jack and Norma Mawdsley
Charles and Mary Lou McConkie
Linda McKie
Michael and Suzanne Rutkowski
Barbara Steffee
Mary Vasquez
Redi Rental
David and Sonia Callen
Quinn and Linda Champion
Barbara Couzens
Kelly Couzens
Terry and Lorri Farr
Sheri Felber
Bev Haas
James and Brenda Harris
Alan Stockman
Gerald and Linda Gilchrist
Neola Birdsong
Don and Sara Dornan
Beth Wilson
Larry and Marlene Bryan
Joyce Clark
Thomas Harris
Jack Holden
M. Rieger Lesiow
Loring Lynch
Holly Spencer
Roger and Jeanne McCaskey
Ray DeHaan
Rose Reynolds
Fabri-Kal Corporation
Christopher and Emily Ewing
RH Investment Club LLC
626 Financial LLC
Carol Beutler
Robert and Carole Boyce
David and Mary Lou Butkovich
Pamela DeMorrow
Mark and Becky Gregory
Jeff Hancock
Rick and Shirley Hay
Roger Metzger
Mary Anne Munley
Tom and Jan Murow
Sharon Oisten
Howard and Jean Smith
Jennifer Vernier
Dan and Chris Willson
Bonnie Myers
Terry and Susan Brockelbank
James and Susan Crowell
Bruce and Pat Mason
Barry and Deborah Price
Ezra and Janan Dunn
Kenneth and Donna Lambeth
Bob and Shirley Brown
Ron and Ellie Callaway
Kent and Mary Jane Choate
Ed and Judy Conkell
Larry and Brenda Jacobs
Nancy Klok
Norma Sly
David Yaw
Charles and Mary Etter
David and Jennifer Fuelling
Michael and Natala Hardiman
James Hilboldt
Mary Kaechele
Dave and Debbie Keenan
Marianne LaDuke
Mark and Lynn Laughlin
Celia Nicks
Donald and Ann Parfet
Michael and Frances Peikert
Terry and Sandra Spencer
Rose Curran
Mark and Cheryl Lyon-Jenness
Betty Norcross
Care N Assist
Julia Basham
Thelma Klosterman
Dan Meyer
Kay Decker
Janice Werbinski
Kay Decker
Encore Club
Benno Rosin
Frank and Mary Veldt
Vic and Pat Fitzsimmons
Patrick Flynn
Tim and Darlene Hybels
John and Marsha Kruzich
Barbara Melvin
Stephen Papierz
Larry Braithwaite
Jack and Beth Caldwell
Larry and Jolene Davis
Spanish Main Yacht Club Inc
Jon and Sue Dixon
Mike and Linda Dorgan
Susan Fogleson
Joyce Galen
Gary and Ann Gunia
Mike and Marilyn Holysz
Carole Johnson
Glen and Linda Lancaster
David and Cheryl Martin
Darlene McLachlan
John Needham
Aaron Radelet
Robert and Kathleen Re
Robert and Gayle Strung
Kathleen Tait
Samuel Bell
Jerry and Carolyn Berry
Martine Blogin
Gary and Carol Brink
Chuck and Marcie Brown
Marcus Dellith
Tim and Jen Gatz
James Goetz
Ann Heskett
Linda Hufford
Cori Ignatovich
Jeff and Kathy Miller
Peggy Nieman
Leo and Diane Rench
John Smith
Bryan and Jamie van Reesema
Kari Wildner
Earl and Vivian Bever
Terry and Deb Brodbeck
Robert and Shirley Case
Gordon and Carol Casey
Lilia Davis
Lee and Roxie Hazel
Dennis and Diane Kelly
Randy and Sandra VandenBurg
Anthony and Joan DiLisi
Tom and Mary Ann Purdham
Janice Livesay
Mary Manwell
Gerald Riemer
Lawrence and Shirley Cole
Warren Miller
Jason and Kristin Peters
Don and Carolyn Wyckoff
Dianna Baker
Melvin Cole
Jim and Cathy Dunn
Thomas, Jane, and Michelle Edwards
Marcy Stephens
Jim DeVisser
Donald and L. Yvonne Eversdyk
Michael and Linda Klooster
Walt and Hennie Kloosterman
James Kloosterman
Lois Poel
Robert and Barbara Razenberg
Bill and Becki Ruh
The Herman Schutt Family
Ron and Peggy Shepard
David and Alberta Timmer
Larry and Mary Wolthuis
Jackie Wolthuis
Terry and Sally Coburn
Henry and Pauline Keiser
Robert and Arlene Orchel
John and Barbara Verner
Tim and Karen Buis
Jim and Ginny Cronkhite
Dennis and Shirlee Gernaat
Bob and Jaye Justice
John and Judy Kline
Bernard and Shirley Ann Westra
J & J Locksmiths
Ellen Bradley
William Gilligan
Tom and Sue Haroldson
Larry Israels
Stacy Israels
Jack Orr
Robert and Ruth Blake
Nancy Pelfresne
Leanor Brooker
Charles and Jacqueline Crail
Robert Dukeman
Richard and Judy Dukeman
Nelson and Mary Dull
Gil and Carla Gillette
Donald Hanson
Jeri Otis
Dara Walter
John and Coquette Fluharty
Jerry and Maryjane Pinney
Bruce and Cheryl Briney
Bruce and Cheryl Briney
Susan Brodasky
Jim and Sue Davenport
Wayne and Kim Rayburn
Christopher Roussi
Cherri Glowe
Jean Hammond
Gerald Inman
Dan and Chris Willson
John and Tara La Rose
Kathy Pfeifer
Lynn Pruitt-Timko
James Cochrane
James and Barbara Connor
Kelly Dryer
Marissa Ellinger
Gary Goidosik
Johna Marlow
Randi May
Janet McClelland
David McCoy
Maryjane Peck
Barbara Porter
Margaret Smith
George Ossentjuk
Balkema Excavating Inc
ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo
Melvin and Nancy Haga
Norman and Grace Schut
Judith VanDyke
Donald and Carol VerHage
Paul and Margaret Visser
Roger Bauer
Connie DeLong
Sherry Hanlon
Susan Truax
Maria Maki
Rose Dame
Jim and Sue Davenport
Gordon and Cindy Evey
Charles and Carol Jager
Rick and Janis Katje
Steven and Donna Keyte
Frederick and Marjorie Vedders
Duane and Marge Westrate
Sue and Maudie DeHollander
Elizabeth Haynes
Rose Jordan
Christine Newell
Karol Dill
Rick and Darla Coult
Phillip Jansen
Carolyn Youker
Terry and Phyllis Parker
James and Virginia Taylor
Phil Wineland and Phyllis Coulombe
Mary Wright
Jean Aukerman
Michael and Becky Staley
Ken and Jeanne Brink
Robert and Louise Conradi
Sandra DeDoes
Henry and Judy DeVries
Mary Beth Jonkman
Paula Klok
James and Hikari VanDam
Ray and Judy VanDam
Wayne and Bea VanWeelden
Jackie Wylie
Al and Donna Ruiz
Joan Szalbierz
Dan and Joan Rogers
Christine Burk
Orrin B Hayes Inc
John and Ann Block
Larry and Marilyn Bontrager
John and Rosemary Brown
Robert and Patricia Brown
Stanley and Judith Bushouse
Richard Cassell
Barb Davan
Maren Harkness
Robert Jackson
Lynn and Sally Lukins
Wendy Robbins
Linda Servis
Matthew Sholler
Dave and Shelley Steinmiller
Judy Todd Wood
Robert and Robin Brewer
Mary Jane Postma
Leona Case
Marion Gould
Kathleen Medaugh
Merle Melendy
Patricia Sperti
Mac and Susan Behnke
Timothy and Beth Franklin Brutsche
Frankie Fagan
Bruce and Yolanda Glidden
Judith Montych
Eugenia Roelofs
Sandra Schroeder
Gary and Phyllis Shafer
Melvin and Brenda Tuttle
Brian Collins
Jerry Harwood
Karen Hyder
Michael and Jean Linger
Barbara Melvin
David and Lisa Mitchell
Robert and Charlene Moore
Steve and Terri VandeGiessen
Susan Massey
Paul and Anita DeYoung
Nancy Emmerich
Tom and Montelle Franks
Shirley Franks
Rexalee Goecker
Erwin Larsen
Daniel and Robin Munson
Robert and Ann Tanja
Jessica Watts
Linda Schrepper
UWUA Local 150
Edward Deegan Architects
Schari Bartholomew
David and Hellen Bennett
Brooklyn Benson
Steven and Theresa Borst
Lynne Brown
C. David Feenstra
David Grace
Renae Hesselink
Scott and Christina Karaptian
Duane and Janette Kiino
Robert and Sharon Koren
Julie Muller
Helen Norris
James and Linda Porlier
Scott and Jeannie Rogers
Susie Sulka
Otto and Betty Cerda
Kathy Philo
Parchment Community Library
Carl and Janet Bussema
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bussema
Jo Ferguson
Art and Judy Gaylord
Fred and Mary Giddings
David and Althea Grooten
Rob and Karen Heasley
Wilson and Sharon Hunt
Joe and Pam Johnson
Martha King
Ron and Cheri Kiracofe
Karen Klott
Bruce and Janet Meulman
Linda Nappier
David and Larie Person
Bob and Joy Reinstein
Jane Smith
Dottie Fish Thielking
Jo VanderWeele
Gary and Jane Waite
Jack and Marjorie Wendt
Bill Willging and Patrcia Pettinga
Bill and Nancy Miller
Mary Ann Fleckenstein
Decatur Family Dentistry
James and Janette Boehlke
Raymond Simons
Jim and Barb Van Herweg
Weiler Engineering Inc
Joan Critelli
Danny and Colleen Davis
Rick Davis
J. Marlene Lewin
Stephen Martin
Mark Peters
Jane Villanova
Glassmaster Controls Co Inc
The Girls at my Salon
JoAnn Forbes
Belva Smith
Art and Kristin Ayers
Charles and Karen Bagnell
Scott and Lisa Foster
Margaret Meyers
Carolyn Richards
Gordon Fraaza
Glen and Beverly Fraaza
Janice Fraaza-Fox
Larry and Deb Gillam
Bruce and Pat MacQueen
James Taylor
Paul and Lorraine Witteveen
Al and Judy Genovese
Kelly French
U-Turns Car Club
Linda Rybicki
Lucy Gay
Carolyn Heath
Sandra Kelly
Jim and Olive Pessetti
Robert and Carolyn Wood
Jason Balgooyen
Robert Cunningham
Helen Reinkensmeyer
Marcellus Middle School/High School Staff
Thomas and Pamela Palmer
Michael and Diane Pawlowski
Timothy and Pamela Smith
Mark and Becky Sundstrand
Roger and Martha Tackett
Doug and Karen Wagner
Jo Ann Winzeler
Otto and Betty Cerda
Robert and Patricia Frame
Christopher Keyes
Mark Dunham
Linda Huss
Dan and Tammy Ramlow
Sandra Grenier
Betty Cerda
Mitch and Vicki Joffe
Amos and Kathleen Cook
Daryl and Shelley Griner
Jeffrey and Erin Smith
Robert Sprick
Nancy Bulzoni
Kimberly Palter
Judy Schwandt
Katia Amar
Richard and Donna Budden
Jerris Farrell
Theresa Hammond
Ann Raue
Access Disability
Snyder Dry Wall
Taylor Plant & Watkins PC
Jeanne Berg
Paul and Lisa Blecha
Richard and Sherri Bracy
Tim and Patty Collins
Gene and Jacqueline Haberl
Juli Hanshaw and Ty
Ned and JoAnn Lane
Ellen Mainiero
James and Christine Hill-Melton
Myrtle Ruse-Obed
William and Carole Tyson
Donald and Celeste Vrablic
Dan Washburn
John Watkins
Denny and Barb Wendel
Randy and Michelle Ames
Dwight and Sandy Ames
Terry and Linda Baker
Bill and Chris Balk
Bradley and Rose Balk
Rick and Chris Bell
Teresa Belote
Pattie Bender
Robert and Kathleen Bickle
Denny and Joyce Bohm
Yogi and Mary Clementz
Greg and Amy Cupp
Dennis and Paula Edson
Rick and Susan Eickhoff
Dale and Vicki Eickhoff
Allen Gottschalk
Sarah Hagelgans
Ken Handy
Jack and Sharon Irons
Wayne Kline
Mike and Judy Kline
John and Patsy Luck
John and Mary Martinson
Tom and Gail Miller
Jim and Sheri Munn
Sharon Pemberton
James and Marilyn Ramp
Shanon Roberts
Sandra Sloan
Sue Stevenson
Kandi Torres
Megan Walsh
Gary and Laurel Zielke
Roy and Dee Flexter
Bonnie Ferazzi
Sandra Kopelman
Bruce and Chris Phillips
Jeffrey Sutherland
Virgil Uitvlugt
Sam and Jo VanBoven
Betty Condon
Margaret Frey
Randy and Terri Fries
Billie Nelson
Brian Nelson
Leland and Arla Mayhew
Ronald Schoenbeck
Dennis and Edith Chou
Dorothy Daniels
Ron and Pam Flanders
Lillian Hillyer
John and Cindy Koerner
Joe and Rebecca Koerner
Dan and Jeanne Luntz
Pamela Schmanske
Pat Weatherwax
Mike and Brenda Dix
Dale and Pam Saulisbury
Dick and Becky Pasman
Rosemary Manion
Mike and Kim Pippenger
Christina Thomas
Northside Snowmobile Club
Michael and Eileen Burke
Roy and Judy Pool
Jerry and Joyce Sleeman
Gary and Nancy Smith
Zeeland Farm Services
Paul and Lisa Chemerys
Shirley Cook
Jack and Gayle DeYoung
Larry and Deb Gillam
Kathleen Henson
Timothy and Marilyn Hoolsema
Rick and Deb Lange
Paul and Lorraine Witteveen
Jon and Cheryl Fender
Andrea Heighton
Katherine Manning
Richard and Carol Melville
Midwest Plastic Engineering Inc
State Farm
Tonya Bordner
Rae Ann Buhl
Irene Dumont
Mark Foley
Richard and Penny Frost
Francis and Robyn Krawczak
John and Rosemary Parker
Steven and Carol Parker
Earl and Karen Parker
John and Rebecca Pueschel
Randy and Victoria Reinoehl
Phillip and Debra Richardson
Kenneth and Kathaleen Studeman
Harvey and Beverly Whitcomb
Allen and Elaine Corfman
Mary-Therese Courtade
Brenda Planz
John and Cindy Koerner
Brenda Kyser
Dan and Jeanne Luntz
Dennis and Peggy Jones
Patricia Lewis
David and Ann Massey
Bill and Lynn McCarty
Jim and Diann Murphy
Hartford Middle School
Gordon and Cindy Evey
Douglas and Kathleen Reenders
Gary and Donna Smith
Phillip Cusimano
Julie Evans
Erin Seaverson
Marcellus Auxiliary VFW 4054
Wayne and Sharon Myers
Marilyn Lamborn
Karen Dzialowski
Duane and Sharon Hazel Bowker
Stan and Kathy Fisher
Roger and Sandra Katt
Richard and Jill Kopczick
Mary Leveque
Dorothy Louden
Susan Quick
Susan Quick
The Quilt In Chicks
Phil and Deb Barrett
William and Carol Brenner
Carol Cook
William and Terry Dawson
Cindy Hale
The Hensley Family
Tom and Patricia Hill
Dennis and Judith Lewis
Peggy Nofs
Donald Terry
John and Lara Voglewede
Jay and Kathleen Weessies
Jeff and Maria White
James Wilkey
Jerry Wilkey
Margaret Husa and Family
Dan and Chris Willson
Northview B.A.A.'s
Structure Tec
Dale and Janet Hesse
David Kissinger
Sherry Luedecking
Ken and Kathy Noble
Ronald Pohlonski
David and Carol Schmitt
Rita Spencer
Teresa Stannard
Bob and Jo Wait
David Thomason
Otto and Betty Cerda
Bertha Fenwick
Kathy Dilsaver
Sandra Smokoska
Sharon Lewis
Mark and Lynn Pratt
Catherine Niessink
Steve and Elizabeth Borr
Jon Boulter
Jerry and Cheryl Burd
Nick and Lee Cary
Kevin and Karen Guetschow
Wayne and Cindi Healey
Sally Judd
Dawn Kellogg
Judy Kiel
David and Mary Knight
Maynard and Donna Knight
Kimberly Kronke
Terri Macak
Bruce Marks
Robert and Charlene Moore
Dan and Joyce McClellan
Rick Rickli
Verla Trimm
Dennis and Darlene Singer
Donald and Carol VerHage
William and Marlita Walker
Diane Watson
Fred and Sue Bosma
Don and Judy Boss
Margo Brogan
Paul and JoAnne Clancy
Roger and Cindy Commissaris
Larry Curry
Mark and Lora Eminhizer
Nancy Flatt
Sandy Fortier
Tom and Colette Gushurst
David and Sheila Howard
Earl and Nancy Hyde
David Knight
Joleene Knight
Christine Komar
Phil and Teri LaVoy
Karen Lorenz
Bonnie Mattison
Mike and Marilyn Meyers
Dale and Sandy Morse
Donald and Joann Reinhart
Rick Rickli
Rick and Colleen Ritchie
Ron and Cindy Scherger
Ed and Margie Stinson
Karen Ullrich
Joseph and Sharon Yantis
Judith Boelman
Donald and Rita Boyer
Duane and Lynn Bronkema
Lloyd and Louise Clawson
Carol Forcier
Carleen Gilligan
Dan Holland
Patricia Hyet
Ann Kling
Stephen and Caren Kling
Tony and Sandra LoPresto
Bill and Eda McNees
William and Valerie Orr
Craig and Lorna Sisson
Bill and Sue Harris
Ann Kling
Charles and Mary Sherburn
David and Susan Dedoes
Thomas Schripsema
Ron and Sue Schuring
Stanley and Judith Bushouse
GenLogic LLC
Gary and Hope Anderson
Larry Bell
Rodney Budka
Jeannette Cunningham
David Dvorak and Karol Peterson
Dean Freng
Scott and Kristine Gibson
Ingrid Luttje
Christine Miller
Gerard and Kathryn Molitor
Lynn Montgomery
Kermit O'Brien
Judy Smith
Mary Swanson
Harriet Swanson
Roger and Sharon Gilchrist
Virginia Kosobucki
Paul and Karen Makay
Brian and Kate Marks
Charles and Ann Maxwell
Dennis and Jan McNally
June Bailey
William Bromley
Jeffrey and Kathleen Bruce
Jack Bullard
Thomas and Mary Carol Clark
Keith and Laurie Dahlman
Joanne Hoffa
Norm and Bonnie Langeland
Harold and Rose Marie Langeland
Brian and Catherine Ruster
Suzanne Stuber
Donna F. Thomas
John and Geneva Packard
Phil and Ruth Coulson
Gene and Carol Gess
Janet Hamay
Jane Leatz
Diane Skibbe
Art and Carol Springsteen
James and Susan Goldschmeding
Donna Ligon Thomas
Omni Community Credit Union
Prab Inc
Ron and Molly Hamilton
Ray and Patsy Hand
Gary Lee
Keith and Stephanie Reed
Vern and Aurelia Reed
Clarice Vickery
Ellen Bradley
Jim and Ginny Cronkhite
Donald and L. Yvonne Eversdyk
Joan Kahle
Kim Klein
Jim and Diane McCarty
Adelard and Jane-Louise Cournoyer
Eilene Harrison
Jerry Snedeker
Kids Gym
Larry and Marilyn Bontrager
Steven Borchert
Richard and Cheryl Craven
Sharon Ebbitt
Judith Hill
Steve and Cheri Schulz
Misty Standish
Chris and Denise Tyler
Kevin and Becky VanDyke
Ashley Yonker
Debby Castrale
Jim and Joyce Magerlein
John and Kim Lochmondy
John and Mary Vermeersch
Doug and Kathy Mitchell
Jeff and Jennifer Longenbaugh
Jeff and Jennifer Longenbaugh
Kids Crossing Learning Center
William Mills
Richard and Helen Mills
David and Judy Truman
Eugene and Sandra Willis
Florence Boekeloo
Dennis and Margot Cunningham
Lori Pickett
Max and Carol Breuer
John and Mary Vemich
John Waugh
Sandy Eames
Raymond and Melissa Eames
Gary and Sue Wright
Frego Farms
Christine Burk
Denise Kuipers
Robert and Donnalu Matula
Joyce McNally
John Ozanich
Eileen Pollack
Leon and Connie Puzevic
Tony and Barb Thompson
Gary and Joyce White
John and Betty Brisson
Jean Blumthal
John and Linda Burmeister
Liz Hendrixson
Leon and Sharon Masengale
Barbara Perkins
Ken and Cathy Reick
Diane Solomon
Galen and Janice Williams
Arthur and Geraldine Young
Elaine Bryant
Barbara Casey
Holly Hawke-Jordan
Gregg and Mary Landick
Vaughn and Janice Maatman
Zoe Schuitmaker
James vanWestrienen
Nancy Weston
Portage Police Officers Association
Albino and Maria Cicerone
John and Kathleen Damanskas
Carolyn Davis
Dave and Jan Fitzsimmons
Jean Plouffe
David and Eileen Rutten
Andre Abamonte
Joan Bauer
James Drew
Frank and Cathleen Finnerman
Cheryl Gaudard
Clarence and Suzanne Kuiper
John and Karen Swanson
Alma Williams
Kalsec Inc
Sandy Gage
Bill and Brenda Irwin
Pat Kiser
Mary Smyser
Bill and Kathy Smyser
Rodney Taft
Doris Taft
Dennis and Linda Taft
Ken and Sue Taft
Joyce Wheeler
Caroline Wiley
Virginia Berridge
Edward and Sharon Davids
Greg and Sandi Harrison
Stephen and Terry Metzger
Phil and Beth Scramlin
Linda Tumilty
Dan and Leah Frigo
Kathy Lutin
Margaret Michaels
Bernice Stafford
Delores Worvey
John and Jane Buttery
Roger and Barbara Dekker
Larry and Barb Langshaw
Kenneth and Joan Nieboer
Mike VanHamersveld
Conniff Sales Inc
James and Jan Altimus
Wyatt and Gay Brown
Stan and Phyllis Copenhafer
David and Sandra Forbush
Patrick and Kathleen Haas
Mary Haas
Diane Lindahl
Charlotte Owen
Jean Phillip
Laureen Searing
Joe and Betty Taylor
John and Marilynn Truckey
Alan Delach
Ward and Robin Granger
John and Susan Harden
John and Sandra Harrington
Joseph Herdus
Elizabeth Menck
Berit Miller
James and Catherine Seiser
Stanley and Catherine Socha
Leola Walker
Charles Baggerly
Dan Eriksson
Dr. Stacey Garrison and Staff
Bob and Carolyn Wightman
Skaidrite Bogart
Michael Gerhard and Robin Tilwick
Shirley Emaar
Scott and Lynn Lemmer
Bill and Barb Maury
Evelyn Musselman
William and Joanne Musselman
Alyce Osborn
David and Debra Owens
Tom and Nancy Pick
Carol Ann Schipper
Chris Simon
Herman and Jean Visker
Charmaine Wheeler
Robert Cinabro
Shirley Gregory
Peter Kuivenhoven
Bill and Barb Murray
David and Debra Owens
Ken and Sue Rieger
Carol Ann Schipper
Chris Simon
Steven and Kate Smerbeck
Becky Torres
Donald and Nancy VanDonselaar
Herman and Jean Visker
Joyce Wheeler
Charmaine Wheeler
Sandra Varto
Armstrong Global Holdings Inc
Douglas Corwin
Goldie Israels
Xite Solutions
John and Vickie Bowen
Glenn and Judie Morris
Tim and Marianne Saunders
Kathleen Shoesmith
Russell and Jeanne Stutsman
Steven and Nancy Cerny
Leo and Diane Berman
Bill and Sharon Frailing
Rosanne Kolassa
Amy Krueger
Cynthia McCarty
David and Terri Niebes
Maryellen Olsen
Nancy Simonds
Gib and Sharon Sprau
Frances Therkildsen
Gary and Christina Vincent
Cynthia Westerhof
Encore Club
LVM Capital Management Ltd
Dick and Dorothy Fuelling
Kevin and Lori Kahila
Betty Mason
John and Janie Messner
Helen Reinkensmeyer
Harriet Swanson
Meg Wonser
Craft Precision
Paul and Diane Czuk
Gene Orton
Mary Vanhook
David and Nancy VanHouten
Wendy Leino
Chelsea Selkirk
Kalamazoo County Treasurer
Wolff Financial Management LLC
Donald and Louise Anderson
Robert and Ruth Blake
Diane Delhey
Dan and Sue McCauley
Gertrude Riker
Suzanne Schauer
Jerry and Eileen Wielinga
David and Linda Zimmer
Philip and Valerie Beeching
Scott and Sonya Flick
Grace Gant
David and Julie Greichunos
Peggy Mihelich
Barbara Strehlow
Karen Acri
Bryon and Rachelle Casler
Bob and Martha Cottingham
Charlie and Sue Dinkins
Michael and Stephanie Harvey
John and Sally Hierons
Bradford and Carol Langley
Ruben and Estella Lee
Kathy Philo
Edward and Mary Twigg
Russ and Sandie VanNortwick
Paw Paw Area Senior Citizens
Paw Paw Wine Distributors Inc
Roger and Jane Bass
Cecil and Rosemary Blackburn
Vince and Karen Cabras
Pat and Patty Campbell
Kathy Dahl
Drusilla Ferguson
Josephine Germaine
Jacqueline Groenland
Dale and Mary Harvey
Marilyn Harvey
Doug and Sandee Haught
Brewce Larkin
Michael and Nancy Leighton
Doug and Beverly Mead
Joseph Oreskovich
Roger Pamment
Jim and Monica Rasmussen
Mildred Ritsema
Matt and Kristi Simon
Richard and Sally Yarbrough
Joel Greenberg
Rotary Club Of South Haven
Robert and Judi Beam
Richard and Donna Budden
Gary and Julie Hayward
Dale and Teri Miller
Richard and Dawn Myers
Jerry and Linda Piper
Lynne Raseman
Mark and Susan Reichert
Roger Skidmore
William and Donna Smith
Charles Smith
Sandra Smith
Wesley and Sandra Swarthout
Bonnie Valkner
Peter and Janice VanMiddlesworth
World Wide Product Cost Team
Kalamazoo Ringers
Angela Harvey
Ruth Knoedler
Mary Solon-Goers
Alyce Osborn
Marian Pridgeon
Robert and Michele Doerr
John and Dee Goes
Marilyn Lamborn
Norm and Bonnie Langeland
Janet Roadhouse
Carolyn Roseboom
Ron and Gail Tutewiler
Robert and Lena VanOosterum
Kathleen Weber
Howard and Hildy Kerney
David Musser
Paul Bassett
Garry and Mary Dunithan
Sue Epley
Frank and Beverly Freeland
Steven and Janet Kline
Christine MacLeay
Mary Monroe
Roy and Kris Rawlinson
Jo Anna Dorrington
Home Helpers
Larry and Mary Artis
Rick and Karen Clemens
Robert and Lisa Engelter
Dinah Howrigon
Wayne and Kim Rayburn
Dick and Dorothy Fuelling
Stanley and Arleen Lapekas
Helen Reinkensmeyer
Robin Huff
Shafeeq and Nichole Hameed
Mike and Darci Chilla
Vernon and Deloris Crippen
David and Jean Kracker
Dan Pfeffer
Virginia Shafer
Steve and Marcia Wright
Terry and Pat Yore
Andy and Deanna Benes
Dennis and Alexis VanLoon
Janet Gould
Todd and Sue Mellinger
Francis and Eleanor Bell
Cindy Graham
Beth Deuel
Robert and Stephanie Rose
Mary Gallaway
Janet Lefevre
Shanon Legg
Linda Markham
Gary and Marda Redditt
Steve and Renee Smith
Randy and Jody Barter
Kevin Batten
Sharlene Brueck
John and Sharyn Cugnetti
Doug and Karen Wagner
Fetzer Institute
Jeanne and Kathy Cavanaugh
Bob and Barbara Felkel
Joe and Marcia Holdeman
Fran Jess
Wendy Karrick
Richard and Katrine Nichols
Phil Sanborn
Robert and Judi Beam
James and Diana Falahee
Steve Humphrey
John Scheel
American Twisting Company
Richard Kuhn
Kathleen Chase
Steve and Claudia Zimmerman
Craig and Kelly Ackerson
Steve and Jane Dimmick
Ken and Susan Kuchenreuther
David and Donna Schuring
Dick and Virginia Beardsley
Joe and Linda Hartman
Jake and Tiwana Pullin
Brenda Scott
Douglas and Phyllis Shrout
Fran Simpson
Patricia Taylor
LJ's Barbershop
Larry and Marlene Benton
Barbara Linstead-Martin
Bob and Dorothy Lloyd
Sue Nixon-Felder
Ralph and Evelyn Saye
Evelyn Tkac
Jayashree Bidari
Myian Mann-Headings
Mary Anne Munley
Christine Osborne
Lauralee Pierce
Rob Bland
William and Elizabeth Bushouse
Dale and Vicki Eickhoff
Al and Judy Genovese
George and Ellie Hayward
George and Deb Henderson
David and Irma Leeth
Steve and Kathy Peterson
Ron and Jacky Remington
Denesia Sharp
Stan and Violet Skrzypek
Phil and Nancy Smoker
Carolyn Somsel
Stanley and Janet Springer
Christine Stenger
Mike and Kay Wunderlin
Van Buren Intermediate School District
Ron and Kandy Dixon
Franklin and Mary Hamilton
James and Beth Rose
Larry and Kathy Wise
Cabellos Salon
ROI Healthcare Solutions
Steve and Patty Billingsley
Roy and Elizabeth Dangel
Leroy and Margie DeLisle
Julie Evans
Eleanor Lott
Wayne Pressley
Jim and Barbara Spraw
Pamela Stenger
Raymond and Lucy Aguirre
Diane Balcezak
Harold and Linn Crutcher
Don and Renee Harris
Janice MacKay
Peg McCarty
Bill McCarty
Donald and Mary Lou Oman
George and Linda Ruzick
Teresa Simmons
Phillip Arnold
Lorence Bailey
Louis and Gloria Barkovich
Milt and Lynnet Bennett
Jean Bourner
Jan Boynton
Margie Burke
Jon Cook
David and Diana Corning
Nancy DeVries
Harriet DeVries
Rick and Mary Diemer
Ronald and Ruth Eshuis
Tom and Sue Foster
Josephine Germaine
Eileen Graham
Willard and Frances Hall
Andy and Evie Hall
Kitty Hubbard
Melinda Johnson
Edward and Betty Klepper
Mark and Beth Koenig
Leonard Mathis
Spider Mattos
Mike and Barbara McMann
Maris Miller
Dale and Judy Morasch
Judith Olson
Katy Ovington
Jeff and Jane Puvogel
Leon and Connie Puzevic
Cindy Shattuck
Mike and Sara Simonds
Sandra Simonds
Harry Stickney
Douglas Williams
Robert Vincent
Bill and Dixie Vincent
Galesburg Charleston Fire Fighters Assoc
Dick and Virginia Beardsley
Tom and Joy Kuhs
Jake and Tiwana Pullin
John Scheel
Mary Scott
Fran Simpson
Patricia Sparks
Charlene Burch
Loren and Sheryl Burlingame
Clinton and Bonnie Prough
Betty Robins
Marleen Stauffer
Bloomingdale Christian Church
Fritz Construction
St Louis de Montfort Catholic School
Betzi Alfieri
Henry Avink
Thomas and Arlene Bodtke
Gail Burrell
Terry and Shirley Chomer
Thomas and Mary Carol Clark
Dean Cougill
Karen DePauli
Sue DeRyke
Thomas and Mary Heintzkill
Wayne and Jeanette Johnson
Dave Lawson
Aaron Ledlow
Pat and Barbara McNally
Larry and Judy Miller
William Rafferty
Mike and Sue Reed
Katherine Roberts
Gordon Shaw
Sandra Stewart
Dan and Benita Hayward
Vic and Barb Lupina
Kenneth Pott
Mark and Luella Wagner
Charmaine Wheeler
Lambert & Co
Nicole Newman
Jon and Veronica Steffens
Jack Bylsma
Theodore and Patti Savidge
Donald Stewart
Thomas and Sandra Tallis
Jeanne Mudie
Sterry and Lois VanderMeer
Marci VandeWouwer
Darlyn Vigh
Brian and Deb Youngblood
Roger and Barbara Dehn
Dave and Shelley Steinmiller
Tom and Lucy Swiecicki
Stephen Wood
Kay Decker
Katherine Johnson
Greg and Mary Klenow
Jim and Mary Knecht
Sandra Money
Bob and Joyce Ray
Arch and Lola Rogers
Helen VanStreain
Loren and Sheryl Burlingame
Dan and Tracy Harrison
Jolynne Judge
Earl and Janet Kincaid
Dave and Helen Nofz
Fred and Pam Walker
Frances Williams
Richard and Janice Bragagnini
Georges Gagnon and Pamala Yoder-Gagnon
Antoinette Hickey
Shirley Hill
Bill and Kathleen Howard
Robert and Sharon Koren
Harvey and Donna Kragt
Eleanor Mead
Thomas and Jane Moe
Don and Katie Verkow
Steve and Amy Vlietstra
Bud and Bev Dunn
Gregory Hansmeier
Carol McGorisk
Bill Ray
Bud and Bev Dunn
Dave and Karin Gallagher
Gregory Hansmeier
Mark and Yvonne Holso
Joan Ingram
Paul Kiessling
Janet Mayer
James and Shirley Fankhauser
Calhoun Area Career Center
Ron and Judy Kohler
Jim and Judy Baurs
James and Lilah Francisco
Cutting & Cutting PC
Thomas and Julie Beam
Thomas Casanto
James and Gayle Crandall
Freida Duringer
Donald and Norma Goldner
Tim Griffin
Angela Houser
Eric and Betsy Kent
Carol Martin
Lori Mosier
Phil Sanborn
Jack Walker
David and Lynda Cole
Daniel and Janet Dix
Sam and Teresa Durham
Micheal and Patti Holcomb
Cecil and Sandy McClelland
Vada Mercer
Duane and Sally Sheldon
Eddie Thurman
John and Beverly Walters
Diane Heisig
Bob and Bonnie Benson
Beverly DeBoer
Tom and Beth Ford
Martin Lavelle
Robert and Marilyn Cook
Menno and Judith Haan
Sharron Tebo
Tom and Karen VerHage
J. Gary and Karen Gruss
Andrew Colvin
Paula Dunayczan
Alan and Leanne Fader
Dave and Jeanne Fenton
Curtis Hamilton
Christine Hebel
Todd and Kim Helgeson
Jean Homrich-Henderson
Karen Kreis
Rick and Char Lemons
Gary and Nancy Mein
Richard and Sherry Ramsdell
Kay Stoneburner
John and Carol Trittschuh
Bill Verastek
Michael and Tammie Walker
Ted and Mary West
Joseph and Marilyn Wood
Marcia Cornell
David and Tammy Veasy
Marilee Yoder
Mike and Pat Kiser
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Jerry and Connie Altman
Gary and Tina Hammond
Cathy Maddalena
William and Laurie Morlan
Plante & Moran PLLC
Lyle Ann Vliek
Arnie and Nancy Bunkley
Robert and Diane Klaas
Sandra Sanders
Tamara Vorenkamp Ludwig
Don and Mary Nellis
Bette Glindmeyer
Steve and Patty Hill
Deanna Johnson
Wilma Courson
Helen Crofoot
Jack Eagles
Deonne Estes
Bruce and Christy Hughes
George and Beverly Mercer
Richard Hoisington
Beverly Kloosterman
Diane Kramer
Dave Larue and Lou
Jerry and Sandy Lemmon
Robert and Cynthia Marsh
Brian and Janet Oesterle
Russell Whipple
Betty Bongers
Sandra Farrer
Melissa Hodgson
Dale Lewis
Andrew and Terisa Stoneburner
Frank and Judy Stoneburner
Hugh Stoneburner
Harry Stoneburner
Frieda Wallace
Johnell Cuddeback-Weintraub
Robert and Laura Burr
Catalyst Surety Partners
C T Wilson Construction Co Inc
John Hackney Agency of Rocky Mount Inc
Pride Masonry of Gaffney Inc
R.H. Moore Company Inc
Wade S Dunbar Insurance Agency
Walt and Vickie Caldwell
Robert Coon
Cheryl Easterday
Jeff and Julie Gaines
Diane Gilbert
Thomas Kossick
Raymond and Carole Misiunas
Mark and Kathy Robertson
Diana Sieger
Craig Wanke
Randy and Sally Watkins
Terry and Christy Zinn Weisenstein
Jim and Susie Zinn
Cyndi Frakes
David and Lori Fry
Bonnie Payton
Douglas and Deborah Slager
Ruth Thomas and Mary Hutchins
Al and Judy Genovese
Craig and Diane Addington
Carolyn Brown-Fillmore
Donald and Karolyn Drenth
James Kordon
Aric and Trisha Nesbitt
Tom and Nancy Parachini
Cal and Carol Rosema
Mark and Luella Wagner
Deb Weurding
Carol Weurding
Dolores Williams
Gloria Overstreet
Larry and Mary Broker
Steven Borchert
David and Debra Caswell
Victor and Nancy Craig
Marshall and Joyce Draper
Mary Lou Fleckenstein
J Renee Green
Peg Kean
Karen Morris
Theron and Maxine Mosey
Mary Anne Munley
Rosalie Simmons
David and Debra Singer
Richard and Lois Brunvand
Elisabeth Fisher
Dave and Trudy Floyd
Marcia Kolinske
Donna Ring
Linda Rybicki
Mary Shuster
Joann Wing
David and Rebecca Armock
John and Chris Burt
Steven Corkin
Harry and Diane Crandall
Jack Eagles
Tony Elrod
Kurt and Deb Esselink
Jill Fausey
James Gleason
Gary Goidosik
Elizabeth Jensen
John and Cindy Koerner
Pete Manarin
Sally McCune
Mike and Lynne Paliwoda
Patricia Rahilly
Mark and Elizabeth Rivers
Michael Sartor
Marti Smith
Robert and Linda Raley-Stolz
Kerry and Diane Whitehurst
Robert Worgess
Tim and Jodie Anderson
Charles Bodine
Wanda Worthington
Richard Appleyard
Jerry and Marion Glubke
Candace Leibert
Mary Beth Shivley
Howard and Hildy Kerney
Charles and Phyllis Hartman
Matthew Hartman
Amelia Katanski
Elizabeth Manwell
David and Barbara Reitmeyer
Rich and Peggy Watson
Gary and Linda Woodward
Michael and Renee Cegielski
Margie Diamon
Barbara Hricovsky
Sam and Sheila Johnson
Ronda Lichtensteiger
Scott and Sue Mark
Tom and Christine McNett
Sheryl Ruthven
Ann Sluka
Michael and Diana Steinmetz
Dave and Linda Tramel
Ken and Margie VanderVelde
Edwards Garment Co
Rose Emmendorfer
Lori Fredericks
Mark and Mel Osborn
Judy Ray
Linda Shields and Roy Deal
Buist Electric
Gordon Food Service
Jill Anderson
Don and Chris Baumann
Robin Byrn
Phil and Kathleen Chrisman
Theresa Corwin
Charles and Patricia Cubbage
Thomas Dahlquist and Iliah Dahlquist
Perry Grifka
Jacque Jennings-Carter
Michael Jones
Francis and Jayne Knieps
James and Judy Kozminske
Doug and Mary Lemmer
Donald and Debra Lesher
Jerry and Trudy Morrissey
Merrikay Oleen-Burkey
Mary Beth Rushforth
Joyce Thran
Deb Tuinier
Mike and Marge Vaught
Leonard and Pat Wilcox
Constance Williamson
Barbara Youngblood
Lauri Youngblood
Peter Youngblood
Paw Paw Area Senior Citizens
Jacqueline Groenland
Richard Simmons
Emery Stickan
Mike and Marge Vaught
Barbara Youngblood
Margaret Zagar
Martha Baker
Charles and Dawn Bickings
Gail Huff
Gregory and Judy Kinser
Marie Koole
David Zimmerman
Tom and Laura Bean
Ken and Kellie Hinze
Shirley Leith
Sandra Lockett
Michael and Pam Murfin
Todd and Tami Polmanteer
Kay Zweedyk

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We serve everyone regardless of race, color, ethnic or religious background, national origin, citizenship, age, height, weight, disability, marital status, familial status, or gender and do not discriminate based on pregnancy, sex stereotyping, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by federal or state law. ATTENTION: Language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 1.269.345.0273, (TTY: 1.844.578.6563).

Our Mission is to guide and support individuals and their caregivers coping with illness, aging, dying, and loss by providing compassionate medical, emotional, spiritual, and personal care.