Why Choose Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan?

Comfort & Dignity

Hospice offers choices about your care and assists you in making decisions about your plan of care goals. We make every effort to keep you comfortable in surroundings that can best meet your needs.

Medical Care Management

Let our expert staff work with your doctor to manage your pain, symptoms, therapies and other treatments. Our dedicated team is experienced in planning for your comfort and teaching caregivers with confidence.

Quality of Life

Focus on friends, family, making memories and enjoying life. Hospice helps alleviate pain  for patients and eases responsibilities and stress for caregivers so loved ones can spend precious quality time together.

Caregiver Support

Emotional pain and distress take a toll on patients and families. Hospice provides emotional, practical and spiritual support to families. We also offer respite services to caregivers and bereavement services to loved ones.

Contact us at 269.345.0273

Thank you for your generous contributions

This list represents those who have generously donated to Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan and Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre. Without you our work could not be done.

Paw Paw DPS
Joan Aalfs
Brenda Dougherty
John and Marie Ellis
Genevieve Halter
Don and Cherie Holland
Donald Johnson
Harry and Carol Madison
Dave and Bev Oviatt
John and Mary Schermerhorn
Mary Short
Helen Soule
Dorothy Keller
Keith and Ellen Ball
Bob and Loree Bagley
Lance and Marilyn Doubblestein
Sharon Edgerton
Kathy Loughead
Eleanor Snider
George and Patricia Breitenbach
Carolyn Hubbard
Michelle Bailey
Thomas and Carol Maartens
Susan Miller
Miromar Development Corporation
Kathleen Neal
Linda Nyhuis
Nan Somers
Edward and Robin Williams
Chris Burk
Rick and Mary Diemer
Joyce Fuller
Jacqueline Groenland
Dee Henderson
Al and Sally Hughes
Larry and Kathy Larson
Donna Oas
Diane O'Connell
Bert and Jan Ogden
Kris Ogden
Bill and Lorraine Root
Connie Ruch
Debra Schincariol-Driscoll
Anne Smith
Carol Thomas
James vanWestrienen
Donald and Margaret Waite
Frank and Adele Walters
David Wilder
Dave and Jan Wilder
Gary and Debbie Allen
Stanley and Phyllis Copenhafer
Harry and Connie Culp
Mary Ann Gifford
Remington Seeds LLC
Marion Vogler
Mike and Lyn Wilson
Dianne Bachman
Judy Bartholomew
Linda Bowerman
Mike and JoAnn Duggan
Kellogg USA People Team
Carol Lotz
Moore & Bruggink Inc
Richard Nendorf
Judy Neumaier
David and Carolyn Newcomb
Sandra Peterson
Gary and Judi Sabo
John and Debby Stassek
Joan Uhley
Philip Martinez
Charles River Laboratories - DRDS
Louise Forsleff
Veronika Heib
Pat Honeysett
Martha Wiersema
Mike and Cindy Anderson
Dave and Karla Copenhaver
Barbara Ott
American Farm Mortgage Company Inc
Kathleen Cavanaugh
Fetzer Institute
Kathy Kent
Danny and Sandra Kline
William and Margaret Gray
Bob and Sandra Ponicki
Dave and Sharon Benner
Kirk Blackwood
Larry and Mary Hill
Kathleen Jeannot
Barbara Zieg
Sue Biermacher
Doug and Dianne DeYoung
Doris Drenth
Norm and Gail Mejeur
Tom and Nancy Musk
Leon and Connie Puzevic
Gerrie Bothwell
Local Union 131
Matt and Anne Wood
Shirley Wood
Richard Yonke
Brian and Amy Triemstra
James and Dawne Washburn
David and Lynda Cole
Richard and Kelli Scott
Lollie Birdsong
Charter Township of Comstock
Rhoda Haist
Louise Hoyt
Ernie and Diana Kracker
Timothy and Sandra McAfee
Ronald and Marcia Ford
Scott and Kathy Havens
John and Mary Sangsland
Leona Schipper
Jack Sipple
MacKenzie Torres
Milo and Jeanne VanNortwick
Richard and Tamera Daniels
David Penning
Linda Burson
Sandra Rochholz
Harry and Mary Kaye Bird
Fred and Joan Buttery
Richard and Joan Buttery
Kristi Chapman
Gary and Patti Christensen
John and Karen Gallagher
Roger and Dianne Herpolsheimer
Gail Hoover
TGG Solutions
Bob and Sandra Ponicki
Arden and Penny Sult
Vicksburg Men's Golf League at States Golf Course
Barbara Jagielski
David and Amy Lehr
Mary Manwell
Dave and Christine Chadderdon
Philip and Diane Chadderdon
Mary Hosman
Beverly Schmitt
Teresa Stannard
Ron and Phyllis Steinberg
Dave and Christine Chadderdon
Mark Bergman
Rebecca Glave
Kellogg Company - Global Engineering
Robert Luter
Joseph and Diane Markus
David Maroukis
Robert and Colette Smith
Cory Zann
Paul Chambers
Virginia Breniser
Martin Hall
Sara Kurlandsky
Tim and Elizabeth Murphy
Bill and Jill Nash
Bridget Waldvogel
Tommy and Laurel Hardin
Ed and Lynn Chappa
Lana Melzer
Sandra Simonds
Janice Wilson Heretick
Betty Wilson Phillips
Ted Cirals
Harriet Bassler
Ross and Sharon Bierma
Dorothy Hilton
Patricia Newman
Jane Rooseboom
David and Debra Singer
David and Bonnie Sytsma
The Clark Family
LaMarr and Kay Miller
Suzanne Acton
Daniel and Patricia Cramer
Kim Hayward
Jon and Laurie Krum
Betty Lowe
Mike and Lyn Wilson
Steve and Carolyn Dougherty
Charlotte Wenham
Barbara Felkel
Mary Hale
Olga Lewnes
Julie Holladay
Jaclyn Klimek
Phil and Kim Roehm
John and Carol Grossa
Susan Law
Kurt and Karen Wiese
Sandra Brookmyer
David and Sue Ann Dunn
D. Jean Groholske
Patrick and Belinda Hammond
William and Cynthia Hanner
Phyllis Macomber
Denny and Angie Pewsey
Jim and Karen Pewsey
Theresa Puchalski
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Richard and Donna Budden
William and Margaret Gray
Craig and Mary Jbara
Dale and Evelyn Avery
Charles and Marilyn Harden
Ed and Nicki Johnston
Mary June Namanny
Ted and Sue Rigg
Robert and Marlene Stein
Mike and Margaret Vaught
Tim and Laurie Andrus
Chris and Katherine DeGood
Dan and MaryAnn DeGood
Jeffrey DeGood
John and Deb Johnson
Bruce and Melinda Kling
McPherson Plastics
Tim and Diane McPherson
Paul Reinke
Joe Schmitt
Bill and Joyce Spencer
Verla Trimm
Nellie DeLong
Trudie Goff
LSM Ventures LLC
James and Jayne Mayer
Curtis Pierce and Jennifer Sarantos
Phil and Anne Stohrer
Dorothy Sweet
Tony and Barb Thompson
Nancy Vann
James vanWestrienen
Gordon and Mary Jo Ash
Barbara Jean Brown
Jack and Mary Ann Emery
Linda Firlik
David Hunt
Charles and Carol Jager
Corey Kragt
Maurer Development Company LLC
Scott and Mary Milbocker
PNC Institutional Client Services
Gene Raltz
Sue Ann Fink
John Donlin
Fred and Cindy Bierlein
Catherine Boyles
Versa Harrison
Clare Dudek
Robert Byelich
Pauline Houtkooper
Brian and Debbie Noel
Jack and Carolyn Vredevelt
John and Elizabeth Cramer
Sandy Gernaat
Jim and Joyce Heystek
Ken and Joanne Smit
Bernie and Denise VanderWeele
Susan Evans
Jeff and Susan Scheinker
Bloomingdale Elementary School
Mona Carlisle
Larry and Doris Chase
Nancy Ewert
Robert and Margaret McGonigle
Robert and Barbara Trczinski
Arlene Ward
Larry Farnham
Sidney and Linda Bland
William and Judi Bohr
Rena Brooks
Teresa Crawford
Richard and Kathleen Dirrenberger
Barbara Farraye
Joe and Jane Farraye
Philip and Luz Grande
Kurt and Jamille Hetke
Heather Ingram
Barbara Janicke
Michele Jarvis
Jacque Jennings-Carter
Jim Gilmore Jr Foundation
Kathleen Jordan
Greg and Mary Klenow
Micki Kordella
Sue Kovach
Terry and Robin Lee
Dan and Nancy Maudlin
Dan and Robin Munson
Harold and Helen Poole
Joan Sawyer
John and Mary Schermerhorn
Lawrence and Babbette Smith
Edward and Doreen Honegger Thomas
Mary Beckley-Clark
William and Joan Hartley
Richard and Helen McConnell
Sandra Rathbun
Gregg and Ann Agens
Bailey Excavating
Joe and Jane Brogger
Timothy Ferguson
Kimberly Heaman
Dianne Knapper
James and Amy Melvin
Craig and Sue Osborn
Brad VandenBerg and Amy Upjohn
John and Willemina Vander Dussen
Carolyn Fish
William and Margaret Gray
Kathleen Seeger
Mary Ann Fleckenstein
Linda Rohr
Pearl Fulton
Dale and Jane Ropp
Edward Forsythe
Barbara Jagielski
Leon and Connie Puzevic
Jerry and Kathleen Hadaway
Bill and Martha Ritchie
Mark Hacker Farms
Barry and Linda Brodzinski
Michele Cripe
David Kinzie
Dennis and Larissa Kirby
Larry and Jayne Lamb
Jayne McQuaid
Roy Mead
Terry and Cindy Mead
Fred and Mary Giddings
Nancy Maxwell
Don and Carol Brenner
The Tuesday Euchre Group
Lorin Gallivan
Rebecca Hildebrant
Gil and Carla Gillette
Janie Ruhl
Vickey Nottingham
Karel and Maria Boonzaayer
Bonnie DeLoof
Terry Hoialmen
Sam and Sheila Johnson
Anthoinetta Meeuwse
Doug and Sheryl Stapert
Sandy Gernaat
Ronald and Dorothy Koetje
Robert Meyer
Dennis and Donna Potgiesser
Paul Ruimveld
Lani Smit
Carol Valkema
Sandy Gernaat
Stan and Kathy Gernaat
Ronald and Dorothy Koetje
Robert Meyer
Paul Ruimveld
Lani Smit
Carol Valkema
Steve and Mary Zichterman
Norris Giggy
Linda Goodrich
Priscilla Coe
Pat Dolan
David and Mary Mick
Robert Perkins
Joyce Preston
Steve and Phyllis Senesi
Steve and Phyllis Senesi
Thomas and Sherry Barnes
David and Brenda Stickels
Carrol Targgart
Joe and Lynn Pruitt-Timko
Dave and Judy Werkman
Gary and Carol Hall
Bill Becker
Wayne and Carol Copenhaver
Chris and Terri Dopheide
Ralph and Roberta Gotham
Ralph and Marlene Moyle
Betty Papierz
Carol Rix
Cindy Tourville
Margaret Zagar
Mary Mettler
Greg and Kim Bojanich
Kristina Hoye
Norma Moord
Peter and Cheryl Moord
Martha Hastings
Kay Kiel
Barbara Somers
Betty Lowe
Hale and D'Anne Nightingale Brown
Sandra McCowan
Chuck and Marge Ross
Wightman & Associates Inc
Julie Heckert-Daab
David and Sheila Howard
Marcia Johnson
Diane LaBin
Ida Nuernberger
Romeo Area AAUW
Shirley Wietnik
Timothy and Joyce Shiery
Robert Hoffine
Vicki Young
Rowena Collins
Stan and Anna Horn
Robert and Jean VanHouse
James and Phyllis Ward
Sandra Rochholz
Justin and Kristen Shook
John and Julie Homan
Marty and Janie Kocman
Brian and Donna Zelner
Arcadia Investment Management Corp
Susan Bennett
Barry and Pam Bradford
Bob and Laurie Bushouse
Roger and Stacy Caudill
Jay and Gwen DeBruyn
Robert DeWit
Helena Dyer
David and Barbara Fox
Jeffrey and Cynthia Harris
Yvonne Keener
Shirley Palmer
Don and Ann Parfet
Sara Pitt-VanBuren
Shores Vacation Rentals Inc
Julie Cutler
Peggy McMahon
Peggy McMahon
John and Mary Livingston
Robert and Barbara Felkel
Tom and Patricia Hill
Garry and Nancy Hopkins
Kimberly Patton
William and Margaret Gray
Steven and Patricia Philson
Robert and Merrilee Wagar
Nancy Simonds
Maxine June
Cyril and Rose Curran
Helen Watson
Carol Aldridge
Garrett Beulle
Phyllis Bourgois
Michael and Linda Klooster
Elizabeth Price
Bertha Zwirkoski
Dave and Christine Chadderdon
Beverly Schmitt
Patricia Van Nuil
Larry and Judy Miller
Shirley Gardner
Matthew and Judith Stein
Donald and Louise Anderson
Steven Borchert
Deanna House
Michael and Evelyn LaJoice
Mary Lupina
Max and Luceda Walter
Glenna Keene
Robert and Kathleen Re
Stan and Carol Bowers
Teri Dunithan
Betty Fitzpatrick
Mary Ann Fleckenstein
Lucy Gay
Ed and Loretta Huard
Marilyn Kohler
Stephen and Kimberlie Lewis
Gary and Sherry Herald
Jane Sellers
Mike and Suzanne Schwanzl
Steve and Diana Ausra
Kathryn Rossow
Terrilyn Smith
Al and Sandy Springsteen
Lisa Irwin
Dolores Merritt
St Theresa's Womens Guild
Mike and Lyn Wilson
Judy Tein
Bill and Sue Binning
Linda Moldovan
Mark and Melanie Rossman
Wendy Arthur
Ross and Brenda Ashby
Alfred and Alice Diebel
Patricia Johnson
Steve and Debbie Oglenski
David Sears
David and Patricia Berry
Klaus Friedrich
Ken and Kathy LaMotte
Ann Langefeld
Florence J. Nelson
Steven and Julie Smit
Carrie Wiggins
Delores Kietzer
Steven and Helen Lichtenbarger
Rita LaReau
Dan and Patricia Pratley
Ed and Margie Stinson
Sam DeCamp
Steven Lesman
Kathy Amrhein
Diane Bourgeois
Phil and Joan Carey
Tracy Clark
Karen Klott
Mary Miller
Thomas Yellig
Tom and Charissa Oliphant
John Orr
BMW Club of Battle Creek
Richard Yonke
Bev Coy
Gertrude Hickman
Mike and Michelle Hill
Steve and Marcia Morrow
Jack and Christine Behrens
Greg and Leona Farano
Bruce and Mary Ann Parkins
Robert and Donnalu Matula
Leon and Connie Puzevic
Mary Ann Jabcon
John and Patricia Mitchell
Marie Monendo
Kim Hayward
Leon Hayward
Rena Brooks
Jeanne Plott
John Plott
Ron and Marge Robbe
Patricia Roessler
Russ and Joyce Martin
Bruce and Karen Sielatycki
Don and Carol Brenner
Donald and Sylvia Cooper
Thomas and Margaret Hurst
Ronald Knapp
Stephen and Rhonda Newman
Jimmie Pfohl
Kipp Podlewski
Michael Sartor
Roberta Thompson
Harmon and Linda Uldriks
Mary Louise Zemke
John J. and John M. Zidarevich
John Zidarevich
Tom McClendon and Family
Jeanette Livock
Dave and Janet Renwick
Bruce and Beverly Storey
John and Bev Adler
Archer Western Herzog
Nancy Asche
Donna Henry
Keim Financial Group
Lila Lee Niffenegger
Stephen Toneycliffe
Jack and Sandy Wilson
Edward McMahon
David and Cheryl Martin
Greg and Harriett Johnston
Anne Muse
Julie Stuck
Jim and Rose Bencik
Pauline DelVillano
Ruth Barton
Ron and Lee Cary
Chuck and Diane Housel
Dawn Kellogg
Diane Merkel
Brenda Moore
Bill and Gay Moore
Lee and Pat Nemecek
Dave and Kimberly Richards
Harold Tackett
Kandice Stoneking
David and Susan Frazier
Audrey Herzberg
Niles Community Schools
Alice Robbins
Jerry and Gloria Staten
Daniel Coyne
Judy Weston
Nancy Benedict
Walt and Nancy Boettcher
Lloyd and Louise Clawson
Rick and Karen Clemens
Kay Duggan
Sylvia Erbe
Peter and Marilyn Fager
Judy Griffiths
Clara Howrigon
Ron Newman
Robert Philipp
John Scheel
June Starr
Jay and Sarah Anzevino
Bill and Sandie Badger
Margaret Carr
Kirk and Wendy Cordill
Dick and Jane Easton
Alan and Sally Enderle
Carey King Spignese
Rita LaReau
Mike Lopresto
Paula Mikulak
Richard Nendorf
Robert Probasco
Lindsay Roth
John Waugh
Arbor Financial Credit Union
Thomas and Anne Maihofer
Irene Pero
Tom and Dixie Earl
Robert and Marion Tracy
June Bailey
Scotty Burkett
Kathleen Hoeksema
Joan Kahle
Harold and Carol Karnes
John and Pat O'Toole
Elizabeth VanderSloot
Richard Yonke
Rosalie Wright
Louise Chester
2nd Tuesday Bridge Club
Steve and Lois Mockbee
Paul and Catherine Edwards
Donna Fisher
John and Diana Haskins
Angie Thompson
Karen Ambs
Hillary Berry
Patricia Kieffer
Martha Poolman
Paul and Lesley Triemstra
Anne Venner
Dennis and Bonnie Banghart
Monte Bender
Angela Brown
Doug and Marlene Gallup
Lori Hannemann
Robert and Cheryl Knabe
James and Sally Kudlicki
Mike and Nancy Main
Cynthia Schaller
Eric Schroeder
Charles Willer
David Cencer
Sarah Cleaver
Lori Coates Hay
Katherine Dunn
Bob and Jan Hunt
Sandra Mertz
Christine Redmond
Donald and Stacey Rhoten
Richard and Donna Budden
George and Ellie Hayward
Bill and Linda Hinga
Leo and Barbara Pease
Larry and Jayne Lamb
Grace Demi
Sandra Hopper
Daniel and Kristy Payne
WeatherStone Village Homeowner's Assoc
Pamela Moore
Martha Faketty
Art and Judy Gaylord
John Jacobson
JM Wilson
Rick and Mary Stellick
Mac and Rebecca Posey
Richard and Norma Slagell
Robert Cook
Carolyn Porter
Armstrong International
Jim and Juana Booker
Victoria Booker
Club Of Little Gardens
Timothy Coogan
Lee and Ellie Fassett
Peter and Elena Fuentes-Afflick
Leon Hayward
Jill McDonough
James and Elena Meadows
Dolores Moore
Antoinette Paas
Mary Lou Query
Scott and Tanya Miller
William and Margaret Gray
Susan Steinman
Dennis Reist
Cook/Jackson Company
June Bailey
Garrie and Sharon Bingham
Amos and Kathleen Cook
Joan Haffenden
Jegar and Mindy Johansen
Michael and Karen Johansen
Judith Linders
Vera Smallcombe
Warthogs M/C Gun Lake Chapter
Austin Lake Catamaran Assoc
Joel and Debbie Daly
Kay Decker
John and Karen Gallagher
Mark and Kathy Kerstetter
Sharon Ritchie
Janet Ford
Francis and Eleanor Bell
Clayton Champion
Helena Dyer
Brenda Hill
Louise Hoyt
Mary Phillips
Bob and Jan Hunt
Ward and Robin Granger
Jeff and Sharon Frizzell
William Rowe
David and Kathy Rozek
David and Kathy Rozek
Dana Abrahams
Elizabeth Boughton
Ann Kong
Kirby and Michelle Kotthoff
Donielle Lenhart
Kevin and Beverly McMeel
Gary Noble
John and Christy Rost
Anita Ruga
Irene Ruga
Lazar Ruga
Bob and Nancy Bolhuis
Larry Coates
Arthur and Jackalyn Taylor
Bob and Kris Bultema
Susan Commissaris
Connie Phillips
Aimee Schauer
John Scheel
Ronald and Debrah Musselman
Dennis and Bonnie Banghart
Paul and Cheryl Terpstra
John Waugh
Judy Fenn
Bob Fenn
Joyce Galen
Bill and Audrey Sonneville
Brigitte Stevens
David and Nancy Vliek
Leslie Allison
Cynthia Biggs
Rick and Feef Dillon
Julia Hall
Kevin and Beth Howard
William and Laura Ipe
JS and JR King Foundation
Thomas Kuiper
Nancy Morell
Marianna Niehaus
Sarah Oatley
Elaine Phillips
Phyllis Schroder
Shirley Schroder
Kim Shepard
Bonnie Wilkinson
Bob and Deb Withee
Cameron and Helen Brown
Annie Siegfried
Karl Westra
John and Dana Goodrich
Cathy Siler
Andrea Siler-Goodrich
Robert Rice
Carrie King
Judy Moore
Kay Peruski
Sharon Oswalt
Amy Krueger
Stephen Smith
Portage Physicians PC
Gregory and Kirsten Crawford
Thomas and Teresa Kovacich
David Andrew
Bekum America Corporation
LaRita Finney
S. Todd and Nancy Lassen
Rolf and Mary Neitzel
Andy and Pam Sims
Frank and Jonny Skeltis
James Steinman
Rita Wahmhoff
Don and Donna Alexander
Alan and Laurel Buckman
Joseph Buckman
Scott and Julie VanderNoot
Stephanie Bogema
Dennis and Bonnie Banghart
Arnold and Alyson DeVisser
Marlin Gerber
Bill and Kay Hanson
Heather Ingram
Margaret Jackson
Harold and Carol Karnes
LVM Capital Management Ltd
Patricia Roach
Janis Romme
Roger Shoemaker
Ronald and Sharon Stryd
Bart and Anne vanGiessen
Diane Worden
Jackie Wylie
Bob Alexander
Allamay Anderson
Le Roy and Anita Bray
Julia Hansen
Bill and Kay Hanson
Jon and Regina Heideman
Paula Nelson
Mary Oudsema
Jim and Nora Powell
Debra Roberts
Dale and Debra Webster
Ronald Hundt
Jay Newman
Burton and Cheryl TenBrink
Sandra Byrd
Susan Terry
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Ashleigh Reibeling
John and Ethylene Miller
Evelyn Gyllstrom
G. Michael and Barbara Huff
Lon and Diane Huffman
James and Vickie Paananen
Faye Schmidt
Vickie Lyon
Donna Moses
Valerie Schregardus
Norm and Bonnie Langeland
Tony and Lori McAdam
Don and Betty Nakken
Jerry and Judy Sivak
Dale and Juanita Steeby
William and Joyce Vandermay
Marilyn VerMeulen
Rick Lingbeek
Carolyn Heath
Marcia Cornell
William and Margaret Gray
Edwards Garment Co
Gary and Nola Harps
Clifford Hurndon
Connie Sandberg
Vernon and Rebecca VanWhy
Jason and Alida Blauwkamp
Jim and JoAnn Boven
Julie Gill
Chad and Anastasia Bush
Judith Halseth
Dave and Janet Renwick
Fetzer Institute
Richard and Karen Haas
Margean Powers
John Schreiner
Pamela VanDerKlok
William and Margaret Gray
Nancy Englebert
Karilyn Frederick
Lisa Smith
Brenda Berner
John Vogler
Betty Bongers
Melissa Hodgson
Matthew and Rebecca Steel
Matthew and Rebecca Steel
Philip and Sharon Carpenter
Ken and Mary Eyre
Pat Harvath and Ron Eyre
Melvin and Susan Wank
Richard and Donna Budden
Richard and Donna Budden
Paul and Elizabeth Wellington
Maureen McClintock
Paula Dunayczan
Fifth Third Private Bank
Joseph and Judy Lamkin
Randy and Brenda Orwig
Nancy Piper
Rolland and Ruth Poust
Jim and Gail Rafferty
Darwin Rhoda
David and Deborah Spratt
Lawrence and Josephine Straub
Larry and Elizabeth West
Mary Catherine West
Pam West
Sharon Zwalua
Dennis and Bonnie Banghart
Robert and Lynn Horton
Ann Mulholland
Paul and Mary Selden
James and Cynthia Westley
Daniel and Brenda Leonard
Rob and Regina Richardson
Carol Black
Betty Cherette
Rhoda Haist
Victor Kordish
Tom and Mona Pyret
Helen Soule
Mike and Shelly Tassell
Carol Morgan
Mike and Mary-Frances Oliphant
Anita Brigham
Al and Susan Cogswell
Chad Hoeksema
Jack and Lorilea Jerue
Kalamazoo Flower Group
Tim and Jill Osbeck
Barb Sportel
Wenke Greenhouses
Westrate Greenhouses
Rose Ann Triestram
Joe and Barb McAllister
Sally Bristol
Kam McDaniel
K. Perry Wolfe
Ivan Woodhams
Linda Worthington
Blaine and Roberta Rex
John and Luba Schram
Doug and Deb Stafinski
Mike and Nita Wolf
Charles Albright
Edward and Lykrecia Bell
Doug and Loralee Eldred
Ralph and Patricia Harsberger
Thomas and Janice Jalosky
LaSalle Bristol
John and Julia Lindsey
Kendra O'Donnell
Tim and Julie Stoll
Richard and SueAnn Wright
Scott and Natalie Wyant
Joseph and Kathleen Ossmann
Billy and Celeste Etheridge
Steve and Linda Evans
Lisa Payne
Gregg and Mary Reitz
Jeff and Lea Reitz
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Jodi Chopp
Midwest Product Specialties Inc
Arthur and Jackalyn Taylor
Anna Ill
Doris Hilborn
Jim and Peg Voss
Amy Clausing
Joseph and Margaret Davis
Richard and Neda Jancasz
Beverly Keene
Mike and Nancy Main
Robert and Rebecca Stauffer
Mary Vogt
Mark and Karin Zona
June Bailey
Michael Behnke
Francis and Eleanor Bell
Harry and Mary Kaye Bird
Dennis and Janice Burke
Jeff and Babette Burleigh
Richard and Joan Buttery
Fred and Joan Buttery
Jim and Carol Carter
John and Janel Ceglarek
Paul Chambers
Kay Decker
Pat Dolan
John Donlin
Joan Edwards
Barbara Farris & Rod Place
Sue Ann Fink
Carolyn Fish
Mary Ann Fleckenstein
Matthew and Kimberly Fletcher
Karl Freed
Mark and Beth Frisinger
Norris Giggy
William and Margaret Gray
Evelyn Gyllstrom
Jon and Sally Hershey
Carol Hodges
Brian Hoff
Patricia Holton
Kurtis Holton and Jane Mathews-Holton
Ed Horvath
Mary Hosman
David Hunt
Carol Hurley
Anna Ill
Roxanne James
Natalie Jarmul
Craig and Mary Jbara
Maxine June
Greg and Denise King
Richard and Patricia Kirschner
Amy Krueger
Rita LaReau
Daniel Liehr
John Liggett
Betty Lowe
Chuck and Marcia Luken
Janice MacKay
Megan Main
Patricia Martin
Marge Pennings
Gene Phipps
Kay Polzin
Vern and Aurelia Reed
Dean Romanvals
Pamela Rups
Sharon Soltesz
Barbara Somers
Kenneth Sparks
Bruce Stein
M. Gayle Stephenson
Judith Stimson & Bill Myers
Christina Storer-Mulhearn
Debra Teeters
Burton and Cheryl TenBrink
Robert and Marion Tracy
Howard Tripp
Ronald and Lorraine VanderMeer
Anne VanTongeren
Charles and Peggy Vliek
K. Perry Wolfe
Lori Young

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We serve everyone regardless of race, color, ethnic or religious background, national origin, citizenship, age, height, weight, disability, marital status, familial status, or gender and do not discriminate based on pregnancy, sex stereotyping, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by federal or state law. ATTENTION: Language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 1.269.345.0273, (TTY: 1.844.578.6563).

Our Mission is to guide and support individuals and their caregivers coping with illness, aging, dying, and loss by providing compassionate medical, emotional, spiritual, and personal care.